About Me

About Me and Home Cooked

I'm just a regular guy who loves food and enjoys cooking. I'm someone who loves to share the joy of great tasting food with others.

I got the idea to start this Web Log when my wife received recipe requests after she posted pictures on Facebook, of some dishes that I made for us. For now, this web Log is a platform to share the dishes we both enjoy eating at home.

This Web Log will serve as a recipe and/or food log for myself and for anyone else who is interested. Hopefully I'll be able to post a new dish every couple of weeks or so. Maybe even a local grocery shopping tip and/or Kitchen Tip in between recipe posts.

I shop mostly at heartland supermarkets (Wet Markets only if I get up early enough on a weekend).
I do visit a butcher every now and then as I love a good steak! If you do know a good butcher, do place a comment on the site to let me know!

I have a day job in IT and never really had any professional culinary training. Closest to any professional training I had was a 3 hour cooking demo/class I attended with wifey as a pre-Valentines Day couples activity.

I live in a 5 - Room HDB flat with my lovely wife. This means my kitchen isn't super huge or professionally equipped. This also means that whatever dishes I made, can be done in a regular HDB flat. All the pictures are of meals that we actually ate, and not "display sets".

So if I can do it, you can do it too! Hope you'll enjoy the recipes on this Web Log.

Have fun cooking and as much fun eating!

Feel free to email your suggestions, recipes and comments.
I may even post your recipe if I tried it with a positive experience. Of course crediting you accordingly.

I can be contacted at jontst78@gmail.com.

Update on Jan 2016 - The wife and I have relocated to Melbourne, Australia. While we are still Singaporeans, we will be living and working in Australia as least for the medium term.


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